December 19, 2008

Feeling guilty for not using your gym membership?

As we approach the New Year you might be thinking about getting in shape. Right after the holiday season is the time where most people start to feel this way.

"This year is the year I’m going to really hit the gym." You’ve probably told yourself this in the past. How did that end up going? I’m betting it didn’t go too well. If you’re like most people, you probably started out doing pretty well but then slowly faded because you didn’t see any results or got frustrated.

You’re not the only one. The real truth is that most gyms set you up for failure right from the start! Here’s what you need to look out for:

Mass Confusion

As soon as you finish signing up for a gym pass you are being left to fight for yourself! There’s so many pieces of equipment that it’s intimidating. How do they all work?

Sadly, many gym’s don’t even give you a proper walk through or even show you how to use each machine. They have no problems taking your money and then let YOU figure out what to do from there.

Make sure that you have someone from the gym show you how to use all of the machines and also give you a full tour of the facilities.

Once you know what everything is for and how to use it, the next step is to come up with a plan.

It’s All About The Plan

The one thing you absolutely need is a solid workout plan.

If you’ve spent any time in a gym or fitness centre I can guarantee that you’ve seen people like this: they are always there working out, almost every single day, yet they always look the same. Their bodies never change for the better. They do the weirdest exercises you’ve ever seen. They also seem to switch exercises at random.

They have no plan. No plan = no results.

Ask the gym owner if they have a sample workout plan they can recommend. It’s a good chance that they’ll have a bunch of stuff that they can give to you. If not, you’ll be able to find a bunch of workout routines either online or at the local library that you can use for free.

Motivation is Key

The next step after knowing what you are doing and having a plan to follow, is to stay motivated. It’s too bad that almost no one teaches people about exercise motivation. If gym owners should give you anything, it should be a manual on how to stay motivated.

That’s one of the reasons why I came up with the Easy Exercise Motivator system. You can get motivated and see the results you want by following the easy step-by-step plans inside. It works for anyone, at any age, at any fitness level. Click here if you’d like to read more about it. I guarantee that you’ll love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I wish you all the best on your fitness journey,

Jeff Kalhoon

August 25, 2008

How A Weight Lifting Muscle Building Routine Can Boost Your Fat Loss

You should think about beginning a weight lifting muscle building program if you find yourself having a hard time getting the results you want by doing cardio alone. You can actually increase your body’s fat burning power and add muscle mass by beginning an effective weight lifting program. Read on to learn more and find out why it is so important and desired to add lean muscle mass to your body.

The Importance Of Adding Lean Muscle

For men the rewards of adding muscle mass are obvious. Most men secretly desire strong muscles and a fit body not only because it is appealing to themselves, but because it is appealing to women as well. On the other hand, because of the fear that it will make them look huge or bulky, most women avoid gaining muscle mass. This fear is unfounded and entirely not true. Adding lean muscle makes women appear toned, sculpted, and lean. Instead of thinking about looking like a female bodybuilder, you should picture the body of an athlete or fitness model.

It is possible to add approximately one pound of muscle per week to your body. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, gaining this one pound means that you will burn roughly 50 extra calories a day just while resting. You might not have known that your body actually burns calories while you are resting or sleeping. The number of calories you burn while resting is mostly determined by the amount of lean muscle mass you have on your body. Over the course of a number of months you can see how this can really add together.

Feel Exceptional, Inside and Out

In addition to increasing your fat burning power and your looks, a weight lifting muscle building program causes you to feel great!

You’ll be in a happier mood and have a more positive outlook on life in addition to the increase in energy and strength. You’ll find that this even increases over time. The more effort you put in means faster and more dramatic the results which leads to elevated motivation.

Think about feeling amazing every singe day both mentally and physically! That’s the eventual goal and it’s entirely possible for anyone to reach.

You Can Do it!

You can be on the route to a new body both physically and mentally by beginning a weight lifting muscle building routine. I invite you to give a weight lifting program a try if you are unhappy with your current exercise and cardio plan. You will look better than you ever have before and feel fantastic if you really give it a try and stick with it.

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August 19, 2008

Cardio is Boring! Try A Weight Loss Lifting Program To Boost Your Fat Loss Results

There’s a big reason why some people don’t stick to a regular cardio routine. It’s boring!

Even if you have a burning desire to slim down, you most likely wont follow any cardio routine if it is a chore and you dread doing it. A weight loss lifting program is exciting, different, and will give you better results than cardio alone. In addition to that, there’s a huge number of other benefits to be gained from beginning a weight lifting routine.

One main reason to start a weight training routine is that it raises your metabolic rate. If you have a faster metabolism, your body will burn more calories while you are in a resting state. That’s right, even when you are not working out your body is burning calories. Weight lifting will also increase your lean muscle mass which, in addition to making you look fantastic, burns more calories than fat.
A solid weight loss lifting program will also provide you with more energy, improved posture, and put you in an better mood. These large benefits are often neglected. If you have more energy and are feeling positive about yourself, it is more likely that you will follow your training. This all leads to more motivation and faster results and progress.

In addition to doing your daily cardio routines, how about trying something new? A weight loss lifting program will improve your mood, increase your energy, boost your metabolic rate, and have you feeling great and looking better than you ever have before. Give it a try and I think you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll look and feel.

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August 14, 2008

Effective Weight Loss With a Weight Lifting Program - Two Things to Look For

Along with a regular cardio routine, one of the most effective things you can do to kick start your progress is to begin a regular weight lifting program. Anyone, no matter how old can greatly benefit from regular resistance training. When choosing a weight lifting program you want to make sure that it has easy to follow exercises and you also want to make sure that it has a nutrition portion as well. Keep reading to find out why these two things are so critical for your success.

Resistance training is highly effective when added to cardio for fat loss, but many people make it harder than it needs to be. By performing exercises you will spend less time in the gym and get a better workout. Some basic lifts to start with are the bench press, squat, deadlift and rows.

When doing these exercises, you’ll want to avoid using machines if possible. Dumbbells or barbells are your best bet and you’ll see faster results and burn more calories. The problem with machines is that they restrict your movements. Free weights give you a larger range of motion that will give you bigger and speedier results.

You’ll also want to find a weight lifting program that has a good nutrition plan. Many programs will include a food list that shows you what foods you should avoid. Try to find a nutrition plan that provides you many choices of what you can eat and doesn’t force you to keep track of every last calorie. Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!

Try to keep these two things in mind when selecting a weight lifting or fat loss program you will see fantastic results that will keep you happy and motivated.

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